Thursday, July 10, 2014


Donatella never disappoints really,*although im not a big fan of  the pointless leather fringe overload on already amazing looking white dress,but look at that final dress,jawdropping gorgeousness.Overall i love the show,sexy,girly,a bit dark and most importantly very DONATELLA.And you can't go wrong if the amazing MariaCarla Damn Boscono walk down the runway for you.
I love the starter and the end dresses of the show,so here is my favourite

Mariacarla and this look, tres magnifique

this piece spells SEXY but dangerous

my favourite model of the moment, Sasha Luss

I would ask Jennifer Lopez to wear this dress instead of Kati,but you have to give Kati Nescher a nice dress,no?

that lavender coloured satin gown is MAYJAHH

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